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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All things are changed by everything else

"if you paint a canvas all red. you have THAT statement. then you decide to add a little yellow dot. the yellow dot washes away the statement the red alone made. you know have a new statement made up of the tension and existence of neighboring visual forces. for every new mark, new color anything added or substracted creates a new statement. most of these statements are similar but can be completely radical. soon that one mark leads to another and another, and the origional image is obliterated. it is why many artist find diffuculty "finishing works" they are always possibilites left to explore till infinity in every work . at some point we must be content, and move on to the next work. or we could go on forever working on one piece. which would kinda of be neat and also completely maddening." - Adrian

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Are you a whale

I am moving and sitting simultaneously
The distant star getting closer
Listening to how the space rock echoes
Listening to the radio signal of your lost voice
I want to impress you
I am all alone floating in empty space
It's getting cold
There is no oxygen
I want to impress you
I am an artist
A little god drawing on a piece of rock
I am an orange tiger. Everyone is afraid.
But the bold one plays pranks touching my whisker
The creativity started at maximum thrust
The orange flame shooting out the rear
It's a great spectacle
but only few can understand
if they reside in the highest snow-capped mountain
It's tricky
Are you a whale? Or are you a theoretical physicist?
The known universe is finite
No one can steal my soul
Not even God
I am a huge Siberian Tiger
I am a little god roaming in the snow

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To Tennessee And Back

I had a truly wonderful time visiting Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Everyone was very glad to see us. They really appreciated us. I felt their warmth and welcome. Teachers were busy but took time to listen to my story and what I wanted to do from now on. Boys at MBA got much taller than in previous years. Harpeth Hall girls got prettier. Nashville is a beautiful city with beautiful houses and trees. But on our drive back home, I felt something. I saw the New York skyline in the distance. I was listening to Charlie Brown by Coldplay. The One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building were so tall they were piercing the night sky. I felt ambitious. And I knew that anything is possible in Manhattan. It is the center of the world. And I am glad to be back.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Movement

Listen young Rembrandts!
Listen to the coming of New Dawn
Listen to the birds singing the golden hymns
The time is near for some berry momentous
The time is near the moment
in the bread slice of the space time continuum
Someone is striking the bronze bells
Alarms are ringing hysterically
Do you see the fire in the fields?
Do you smell the ashes of the dead?
They whisper to you
like they eat ice cream
You gotta do something crazy
something that makes hearts tremble
something to make people cry
Draw an innocent girl
Draw your friends
Immortalize them
because you are so glad to know they exist
it's how they move the world
and it's not that hard
You know the limitations of this universe
Try to go faster than the speed of light
create new colors by smashing particles
reach the highest orbit with maximum thrust
Create new particles through massive destruction
Creativity is the grandest vision of Einstein's equation
Follow me and be brave
We are Lions!
Roar! Lions! Roar!
We are unstoppable

In a Corner of Memories

Acrylic on canvas
In a corner of memories
I make decisive marks
Hastily before the universe runs out of energy
Friends, we meet by divine destiny
it was divine fate
I respect you
You are the center of the world
You are the most important people in my life
Time is running out
Shine from your heart in the blinding light
Fill the universe with the blinding light
Warmth shall dominate the infinite vastness
For now
Don't worry
Go to sleep
See you again tomorrow

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear friends

Dear friends at RISD
I was so glad to meet you guys today. I cannot believe how much you appreciated me and welcomed my presence even after a long period of absence. I saw no sign of anything that could be considered negative that might be characteristic of a hyper competitive environment like RISD. It was all pure warmth, compassion, love and friendship. It makes me wonder if RISD has an admission criteria to recruit only the most compassionate souls and minds to understand. I was humbled by your amazing talents and the challenger spirit. Someone told me, "YOU MUST COME BACK." I will do exactly that. RISD is a magnificent place filled with hopes and aspirations of young kindling souls that burn brilliantly like the stars in van Gogh's paintings. You guys are the guiding light for humanity, you are the very best that we have, you speak divine truths, you listen and listen carefully. You are no charlatans without inspiration or skill. From your mouth you shower them with the truth flying like flaming arrows from the very depth of your spirit. You are going to soar and stand tall and do something really crazy and amazing. Yes. A revolution. You are the reason why I am here. Thank you for your smiles. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your visions. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you.