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How Is Outcome of Reality Determined In Our World?

In our world, the outcome and process of determining reality are hierarchical in nature, meaning that the opposing forces within reality can be categorized as opposites that split into separate branches that form the hierarchy.
By opposing forces, I mean the the alternatives of forces, ideas, and choices that avail any given situation for an individual(s) or agent(s) of change.
And by opposite categories, I mean the positive, negative, and neutral qualities of the opposing forces. The positive and negative, which can be right and wrong, effective or ineffective, or relevant or irrelevant, are opposites of one another, while the neutral, which has no direction, is in a way an opposite of directionality of both positive and negative forces that have a direction.
The very act of the split in which positive, negative, and neutral alternatives arise give rise to the positive and negative, and neutral outcomes at the point of contact between the alternatives. The reason for the outcome, in which dominant alternative continues in a state of existence while the less dominant alternative is eliminated, is that the resources of energy, matter, space and time of the universe are finite in almost any given situation. This is most true in the case when two neutral forces come in conflict with one another. Due to the limited resources, only one of the two opposing neutral forces survive (neutral because they are neither good or bad), while the other is eliminated.
When the positive wins over the negative alternative at the moment of contact, it eliminates or puts into a state of nonexistence the negative alternative, which is a good thing. When a positive wins over another positive, negative wins over another negative, or a neutral wins over another neutral, the elimination of one alternative by another occurs, but it is not necessarily wrong because the overall change is neutral. However, when a negative wins over the positive alternative, due to its greater size or power, then it is an instance in which the wrong prevails over justice, which is perfectly possible because the universe has opposite and dual sided characteristics.
An example of a split would be the split of the Jews into followers and non-followers of Jesus and his message. In this case, there is no real right or dominant side, but it is a good example of how split occurs in the universe into opposing forces.
Another example of a split would be the secession of the Southern states which formed the Confederacy and fought against the Union army. In this case, the Union side came out on top as both the right and dominant force.
Even in a mundane everyday situation, there are splits and opposing alternatives, such as whether a parent should stay at home to care for a sick child or go to work at a job that penalizes absences that are not excused without a special reason or occasion.
And in many cases, there are no right or wrong answers because due to the complexity of the universe an alternative can be both good and bad at the same time and have multiple traits or characteristics.
The complexity of the universe that exists in the sense that every opposing force can have multiple traits that are good or bad, both good and bad, or neither, and that there can be a full range of different outcomes that are either positive or negative, or neutral, means that the spirit of free will and justice can be tested. It is precisely because the universe is so complex and avails a wide range of outcomes and choices that we have free will, or the illusion of free will. It is precisely because in the universe both good and bad can occur that we can ask the question — will the justice prevail? We see it enact on screen as the forces of good and evil duel each other in the political, economic, and social arenas.
Injustice occurs when the observer and actor choose to act within the principle of free will that is self-absorbed, in the interest of self, without any regard for the free will and wellbeing of others. Injustice occurs when the right or correct choice or option is disregarded or eliminated.
In the universe, the right and wrong answers or outcomes cannot coexist in harmony with one another at the moment of contact. By contact, I mean that the opposing forces come to be aware of each other within a reachable distance or same niche. On the most pressing issues that determine the fate of humanity or a nation or even an individual, the right side must fight and eliminate the wrong side. But if such a situation of coexistence were to occur or be permitted at the point of contact, it would be a sacred violation and contradiction, by either the right or wrong, or both side, because the right side permitting wrong would be a contradiction of the principles that define the identity and the actions of the right side, and the wrong side permitting right would be a contradiction of the principles, which would no longer make it wrong — in other words, the right would no longer be right, and the wrong would no longer be wrong.
Differently put, when there is a clear right and wrong given a situation in which there is contact between the two forces, there cannot be any agreement between the two sides because the right sees right as right, and the wrong sees wrong as right due to limited information or distorted ideology it observes. If there can be anything close to an agreement, it would be a compromise, also known as an agreement to disagree and delay resolving the situation until a later time.
In this universe there can be no agreement between two opposing sides that are right or wrong, given that the issue or matter at hand is important, because right is right, and any significant deviation from the right would be wrong. There cannot be any “understanding” and “compromise” by the right side that sees the issue at hand clearly without the fake act of understanding or compromise, choosing to observe the situation from the wrong side’s point of view with its limited information or distorted ideology. Only when an issue at hand is not very important can the right side choose to make such an act of compromise with or attempt towards understanding of the wrong side. On the most important issues, however, there cannot be any compromise of the right answer or its degradation.
When the right side prevails, or the wrong side prevails, at the point of contact, it results in the elimination of the opposing force. From the beginning until now, the universe has been all about the elimination of forces at the point of contact that represent different branches of a split of a situation. Sometimes the right prevails, sometimes wrong prevails, sometimes neither prevails, and sometimes both are neutral in nature.
The only two instances in which both sides can coexist are when the both opposing sides are neutral in nature and there are abundant resources available to both, or when the two opposing sides that are right and wrong in nature do not come in contact with each other. When the conflicting forces that occupy the same niche or address the same issue lack abundant resources, or when the right and wrong sides come into contact with each other, there will always be an elimination of one side by the other.
What is right, and what is wrong? What is true, and what is false? What is just and unjust? They are not the same concepts but are closely related. Right is what is both true and just. Wrong is what is both false and unjust.
True is what actually happens or exists, in the past, present, and the future. Just is what protects the free will and wellbeing of each observer that can experience fairness, equality and happiness. Just is also what is equal or reciprocal.
In the context of geopolitics, it can be said that the Chinese concept of the Mandate of Heaven, or the right to rule justly, can only be exercised by the force with power and justice. Without both power and justice, the Mandate of Heaven is not possible. Without justice, especially, the rule would not have the Mandate of Heaven.
The most important thing about our universe and our existence is that we are observers and actors that are responsible for perpetuating justice over injustice and testing the spirit of free will and justice. These are important and exciting times in which it is not certain whether the right and just side will prevail or not.

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