Friday, September 26, 2014

Ready to fly

Sorry I hurt you today
Sorry to your family
Sorry to your friends
I did not deserve your forgiveness
I didn't know inside your thought
It was all past, and there is nothing we can do
Only you trust me, of all the people who see me
Just think of me, and never forget me
And believe in me
And I will fight, fight like dragon
Hold sword forward and never stop moving
I want to win because you believe in me
The palette knife is so agile and lethal
In the sea of laughing sounds, your seagull calls
When they press down on my head
your love stays a feint impression
and I continue to paint and fight
It guides me the light in it
I will show you what I am
I will prove you what you believed
And win, not nicely
I will lose small battles and win the war
In painting
No matter, no excuses

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Portrait of Rimma Simonova

Acrylic on canvas,  40 x 30 in

I am moving and sitting simultaneously
The distant star getting closer
Listening to how the space rock echoes
Listening to the radio signal of your lost voice
I want to impress you
I am all alone floating in empty space
It's getting cold
There is no oxygen
I want to impress you
I am an artist
A little god drawing on a piece of rock
I am an orange tiger. Everyone is afraid.
But the bold one plays pranks touching my whisker
The creativity started at maximum thrust
The orange flame shooting out the rear
It's a great spectacle
but only few can understand
if they reside in the highest snow-capped mountain
It's tricky
Are you a whale? Or are you a theoretical physicist?
The known universe is finite
No one can steal my soul
Not even God
I am a huge Siberian Tiger
I am a little god roaming in the snow

Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Movement

Listen young Rembrandts!
Listen to the coming of New Dawn
Listen to the birds singing the golden hymns
The time is near for some berry momentous
The time is near the moment
in the bread slice of the space time continuum
Someone is striking the bronze bells
Alarms are ringing hysterically
Do you see the fire in the fields?
Do you smell the ashes of the dead?
They whisper to you
like they eat ice cream
You gotta do something crazy
something that makes hearts tremble
something to make people cry
Draw an innocent girl
Draw your friends
Immortalize them
because you are so glad to know they exist
it's how they move the world
and it's not that hard
You know the limitations of this universe
Try to go faster than the speed of light
create new colors by smashing particles
reach the highest orbit with maximum thrust
Create new particles through massive destruction
Creativity is the grandest vision of Einstein's equation
Follow me and be brave
We are Lions!
Roar! Lions! Roar!
We are unstoppable

In a Corner of Memories

Acrylic on canvas
In a corner of memories
I make decisive marks
Hastily before the universe runs out of energy
Friends, we meet by divine destiny
it was divine fate
I respect you
You are the center of the world
You are the most important people in my life
Time is running out
Shine from your heart in the blinding light
Fill the universe with the blinding light
Warmth shall dominate the infinite vastness
For now
Don't worry
Go to sleep
See you again tomorrow

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