Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Janitor and His Mother

Pastel on paper. December 2010

The Janitor's name is Randy.

I wish I could have worked a little more on it. Especially the right side looks really hastily drawn. 

I was commissioned by the Janitor sometime around November last year, so I guess I had more than enough time.

I hope to win the art contest I entered at the university (see the first post), so I can go back to visit and maybe get to work a little more on this piece too.


  1. Esta pintura a pastel,me gusta mucho,esta muy lograda la expresion de los rostros ya que creo que es lo mas dificil de lograr en una pintura,sigue asi,un saludo.

  2. Thank you! (Google language tool is helping me)

    I reworked the janitor's face over and over again, until I was pleasantly surprised myself by his warm complexion.