Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ripe Fruit

Oil on canvas. April 12, 2011.

raw from camera
The optical truth is somewhere inbetween.
I worked on it mostly in class with a nude model who was pregnant. Professor Paul asked me to work with a single color, so I used pthalo blue and white which were my most abundant. Because my mom wanted to give it to her friend who was moving away, I worked again yesterday night and today in class to finish it with additional colors and layers.

Like my first returning experiment with oil after a year of acrylic, I suspect some parts of the work look better when I squint my eyes. - . -

I will admit that I may have overworked the piece with too much thick paint. My mom had a dream today (or last night) in which she picked a dark fruit from a tree and was disappointed that it was too ripe - not spoiled - but she still ate it. It may have to do with the painting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Today is April Fool's Day

This is not a joke.

I had a dream.

I accidentally spilled orange juice.

The liquid traveled across the table.

I hurriedly grabbed a roll of paper towel and went to the other side of the table.

Right before the juice spilled off the table, I blocked it with the paper tower.

I was able to submit my last application literally right on the deadline. 12:00AM.