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A New Movement

Listen young Rembrandts!
Listen to the coming of New Dawn
Listen to the birds singing the golden hymns
The time is near for some berry momentous
The time is near the moment
in the bread slice of the space time continuum
Someone is striking the bronze bells
Alarms are ringing hysterically
Do you see the fire in the fields?
Do you smell the ashes of the dead?
They whisper to you
like they eat ice cream
You gotta do something crazy
something that makes hearts tremble
something to make people cry
Draw an innocent girl
Draw your friends
Immortalize them
because you are so glad to know they exist
it's how they move the world
and it's not that hard
You know the limitations of this universe
Try to go faster than the speed of light
create new colors by smashing particles
reach the highest orbit with maximum thrust
Create new particles through massive destruction
Creativity is the grandest vision of Einstein's equation
Follow me and be brave
We are Lions!
Roar! Lions! Roar!
We are unstoppable

In a Corner of Memories

Acrylic on canvas
In a corner of memories
I make decisive marks
Hastily before the universe runs out of energy
Friends, we meet by divine destiny
it was divine fate
I respect you
You are the center of the world
You are the most important people in my life
Time is running out
Shine from your heart in the blinding light
Fill the universe with the blinding light
Warmth shall dominate the infinite vastness
For now
Don't worry
Go to sleep
See you again tomorrow

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favorite quote from Frank Auerbach

"Yes, no I think that is true. You know, none of these things are unique to me. I think that to paint a picture with a foreseen conclusion is... I don't... I don't know. I don't think very many painters do this. I think there's always an element and sometimes a totality of discovery involved in the process - otherwise it would be so boring, wouldn't it? It would be handicraft."

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Blinding Light of Manhattan

Oil on canvas
Behind her is the Manhattan and the Freedom Tower

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The Philosopher Wizard

Oil on canvas
Anonymous on /ic/ (4chan) wrote:
"I like this, for real. The way the faint yellow bits in the lower left suggest a descension into the picture plane and around behind the "head", and the way the other yellow bits complement that "swirling" motion is really cool. I like the colors in the upper left as well. if i were you i'd create greater contrast in value between areas, but...yeah. i'm not you.
Artists are wizards.

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Chief of the Cherokee Nation

Oil on canvas
A man with powerful shoulder and spine of steel and innocent smile.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Goddess of Tenochtitlan

Oil on canvas

>old masters
>read: old master illustrators

we're talking about art here bud. I know they seem similar because they're made in the same medium, and are both visual, but you have to understand the difference if you're going to critique one or the other.

making art is a process that is always evolving. there are no finished pieces in art, only attempts at projecting an idea in as many different means as possible. art is an inherently conceptual task, deals with symbols and the abstract. it is the world of the unknown, the world of fear, and the world of uncertainty. to make art you must put yourself in a life or death situation, and THEN attempt to create. your life is dependent on your creation, and it's contribution to our collective perception. these are the pressures of an artist.

illustration, on the other hand, is a craft that has objectives that are met. you 'finish' and illustration, and it is judged based on it's 'perfection' and efficiency, not necessarily it's conceptual ingenuity (although there are often 'concept' illustrators that 'illustrate' puzzles and riddles and clever jokes, this is not to be confused with the task of an artist). illustrators are not necessarily thinkers, they are executors of a craft to fulfill the objective that is laid out to them by another. illustrators have a limited creative autonomy when making. 

illustrators are given rules (by directors, and by social pressures of other illustrators), whereas artists give themselves rules. this is a key distinction to make between the creative processes of each maker.

- Anonymous

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Man With Hands Tied

Oil on canvas
They said you can't cut diamond out of shit. Hmm that may be true... By shit they are talking about my raw colored strokes. They say it's mud if I don't have a grand scheme planned ahead of time. Why is that an issue? You can arrange, rearrange, and compose with Lego. My strokes are like LEGO. I keep choosing the best solution at every instance I put down a LEGO. It's like playing Chess. How can I predict exactly what my finished product will look like? Stop being unreasonable.