Saturday, September 13, 2014

Portrait of Rimma Simonova

Acrylic on canvas,  40 x 30 in

I am moving and sitting simultaneously
The distant star getting closer
Listening to how the space rock echoes
Listening to the radio signal of your lost voice
I want to impress you
I am all alone floating in empty space
It's getting cold
There is no oxygen
I want to impress you
I am an artist
A little god drawing on a piece of rock
I am an orange tiger. Everyone is afraid.
But the bold one plays pranks touching my whisker
The creativity started at maximum thrust
The orange flame shooting out the rear
It's a great spectacle
but only few can understand
if they reside in the highest snow-capped mountain
It's tricky
Are you a whale? Or are you a theoretical physicist?
The known universe is finite
No one can steal my soul
Not even God
I am a huge Siberian Tiger
I am a little god roaming in the snow