Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Thoughts

The world is constantly changing.
The Earth is slowly losing oxygen.
The sun is slowly dying.
Time is running out.
Our existence is limited in time and space.
In this urgency of existence we meet
We are born, and we will die one day
I want to return
I want to return to the past where the people reside
in places I've been
But the world is changing
And past is only in memory
They are gone. The places are different.
I do not know these people.
I do not know these places.
Most places are not preserved for historical significance or emotional attachment
They change completely within a matter of months or years
because money is the driving force of the world
The playground is there, but the kids are different
and I am different. I am no longer a kid.
I am too big for the swings and the slide
The school is there, but the students and faculty have changed
It's not the same school of the past
I cannot be a part of it as I was in the past.
I cannot join them and become friends with them
I cannot be in the same place again
I cannot meet the same people again
Because the world has changed
The places have changed
And the people have changed
Imagine I am in a large dark structure
with each floors containing different memories
The people and places that form the substance of such memories
lighten up the dark structure with emotional attachment
I reach out for them but the floors are constantly shifting
By the time I can touch them the places have already changed
I only know I am headed in the right direction
because my paintings come out alright
Oh how much I miss my friends who no longer talk
How much changes have been in my life
and the world we reside in

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Small Abstract Works

The Airport

The Bayonet Dance

The Beach at Sunset

The Downtown of Tenafly

The Flag

The Stripes

The Movement of Masses

The Palisades

The Luminosity Divide

The LEGO Pieces

Vertical Stripe Continuum

The Vertical STripe Continuum

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Artist Statement

My art is about the ideals of beauty which is governed by universal laws. With making art there are only a few right and many wrong ways to put together the colors and forms. This is because in an entropic universe, where time flows in only one direction from the big bang, things tend to become less orderly over time, and orderly systems such as art and living creatures require a complex and hierarchical composition or makeup that is almost impossible to create with natural forces. On the contrary to the feminist criticisms of my work, I believe that idealized images of women who have immense power through their beauty constitute the tip of the spear against male dominance and oppression.
Mostly I am not interested in depicting people who exist in the real world in a realistic manner, and often my depictions of women are constructed via imaginative processes. It is my obsession to fully explore all possibilities of ideal beauty, each result and iteration different from the next. Together they represent the solution to the equations that govern ideal beauty. 
I deny that my art involves objectification of women or people in general. I contend that it is the state of the mind of the viewer or the creator that determines whether the women depicted in the art are objectified or not. Ideal beauty exists regardless of the male gaze that is problematic for women within the male-dominated world. 
Objectification occurs when there is no respect, and there will always be men who do not respect women as people. I always approach my subject matter with respect and care. Even before I create the artwork, ideal beauty already exists in the realm of the unborn like an abstract idea or a thought in the potential of what does not exist yet or has happened yet, no matter how women are oppressed or objectified within a male-dominated society. In other words, I contend that my art is separate phenomenon arising from pure thought and appreciation for beauty - separate from the oppression of women that happens in today's world. I contend that the women that I depict with ideal beauty have immense strength through their beauty that no man can challenge physically, psychologically or intellectually. Representation of ideal beauty is akin to the depiction of a goddess who is unreachable to men and cannot be corrupted by male fantasy of subjugating women and habitual objectification. 
Beauty is innately peaceful and violent at the same time. It is something that attracts me naturally without having to fight me over, yet the image of a goddess is also crushing to the ego of average women who do not share such beautiful characteristics. The same can be said of superheroes with immense power and flawless image - they crush the ego of the average men. I am not trying to stomp down on anyone because of their looks. I am simply attracted to the idealized beauty that is formulated from the laws of beauty of the universe. Beautiful people are the evidence that the universe that we reside in is beautiful.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Catch all poke

Colored pencil and pen on paper

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Rita S

digital art

Sora No Kakera (lyrics translation)

If I follow this path,
perhaps I'll meet you again someday.

When I continue into the distance,
I'll surely long for this place.

I see them faintly
and chase the sky's fragments.

Light and shadow
paint your heart when you run.

Your smiling face
fills me with courage.
With just your careless words,
you'll fly away
on tearful days.
At any time, at any moment...

And the path goes on...

whenever you lose sight or get lost,
it's not hopeless.

And now, that pain has taught me
about the warmth of your words.

It was not nothing special,
through the seasons...
it accompanies us the first time we meet
and the last time we part.

Your smiling face from that time.
As you stood and looked up to the sky,
your shadow grows longer in the sunset.
I continued on until I reached the road.

Take the first step.
It's okay if it's small
because it requires great courage.
If the anxious days are split in half,
give that time to me.

It's your smiling face from that time
that fills me with courage.
With just your careless words,
you'll fly away
on tearful days.
At any time, at any moment...
Firmly hand in hand...

The path goes on,
and binds us together.