Monday, June 27, 2016

Dreams of tigers

Dream 1

When I was conceived, my dad had this dream. On a particular evening, he sat down to eat. While eating, he suddenly noticed a large tiger sitting next to him, looking the other way. Afraid that the tiger would kill him if it looked towards him, my dad instantly wrestled with the tiger by grabbing on its shoulders, but the tiger instantly shook him off and bit his hand, causing it to bleed. He felt the immense power of the tiger when he grabbed its shoulders. The tiger then proceeded to eat all of the remaining dinner and then went somewhere nearby to sleep.

Dream 2

The night before I was born, my dad had this dream. On a particular afternoon, he was hiking on a mountain trail. He saw a large beautiful rock such as seen in a East Asian landscape painting. He was about the proceed on the trail when suddenly a little tiger jumped out into the view, from behind the large rock, with arms stretched out as if it were blocking the path. My dad saw the tiger's face, which smiled and revealed that it had human teeth. My dad and the tiger spent time playing in the mountain, running around joyfully.

Dream 3

When my brother was conceived, my dad had this dream. On a particular day, he was near an old home by the fields. He sighted a ferocious tiger running around in the fields. Determined to catch the tiger, my dad looked around for a weapon and found a feeble and long stick. He tried to chase the tiger, but the tiger was too quick, running in one direction, then another, then another, then another, while my dad just stood by, panting heavily to catch his breath. Later, winds rose and caused the fields to catch on fire, which surprised the tiger and caused it to run in the opposite direction.

Dream 4

When I was very sick as a baby, my dad had this dream. He saw a baby in its cradle, and a mother tiger was circling around the baby, in a very worried manner.

Dream 5

On a certain night in 2015, my mother had this dream. She was lying down next to a white tiger, which was very playful.

Dream 6

After I visited MOMA and before painting the "Ideal Passionate Space", my mother had this dream. There was a magnificent and beautiful creature like a horse in our home. Suddenly a tiger came and killed the horse-like creature, ripped off the hide in one clean sheet, and laid it to dry on the sofa. Then it went away and disappeared. The hide glistened like a very expensive fur coat. 


  1. Dear Chun,

    The tiger symbolizes life's challenges. But your father has show you the way: You must remember your first creations. You must return to them anytime you feel alone. And your mother symbolizes the warm house of memories, The horse is the meaning of the unknown even we think that we know too much.
    The next time you will make a new painting, remember your father's look at your mother.

    Warm greetings from Volos.
    Yannis Politopoulos

    1. Dear dear Mr. Yannis

      What a delight to read your words of friendship and wisdom! Your insight into my life and dreams is very encouraging and helpful. I like to think of myself as a historian. I am an observer of events that I witness and I will speak the truth of what happened under God's omnipresent gaze. I am a messenger to the rest of people on what happened on the other side. I am a photon particle that hits your eyes and speaks only of truth and light. I hope God the historian is on my side.